Assistant Manager, Cristina Constantinescu

Quantica720° Clinical Assistant Manager

Cristina Constantinescu in her role as an Assistant Manager at the prestigious  Quantica720° clinic, plays an essential role in efficiently coordinating and managing clinical activities. With a career and a remarkable passion for organization, Cristina is a valuable member of our team.

One of Cristina's primary responsibilities is to ensure the smooth operation of the entire clinical system. She handles appointments, coordinates the flow of patients and resources, and actively participates in the process of optimizing the efficiency of healthcare service delivery.

Cristina is well-known for her excellent communication skills and her ability to work effectively in a team. She serves as a vital link between medical staff, administration, and patients, ensuring that everyone is correctly informed and that patients feel welcome and well-cared for.

In addition to her current responsibilities, Cristina Constantinescu is a visionary and innovative individual. She contributes to the ongoing development of the  Quantica720° clinic by proposing improvements and new directions that strengthen the clinic's position as a leader in the healthcare industry.

In conclusion, Cristina Constantinescu is a dedicated Assistant Manager with remarkable organizational skills and a deep passion for providing high-quality healthcare. Through her consistent work and dedication to the team and patients, she significantly contributes to the success and reputation of the  Quantica720° clinic.

  • Asistent Manager Clinica Quantica720°
  • Secretary – Constantin Brancoveanu Theoretical High School
  • Economist in management - Neovent Invest S.R.L
  • Economist - C.N.C.F. "C.F.R." SA - Financial Department
  • Assistant manager - SC Romvent Instal S.R.L
  • Assistant manager - SC Colli Comexim S.R.L
  • Accountant - primary accounting records - SC Romaliaprod S.R.L
  • Computer assistant IV - Institute of Agrarian Economy

  • Introductory course in librarianship, Casa Corpului Didactic
  • Secretarial activity management course in school units
  • Training course in computerized accounting
  • Advanced course - operating Windows, Word, Excel, Access in office work

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