Kinetoterapeut, Aurelian Chivu


I graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, the study program Kinesiotherapy and Special Motor Skills and I focused on this field because I was always interested in the important aspect of maintaining optimal body function, acquiring a thorough knowledge of techniques that, put in practice, to contribute to the regulation of the imbalance that may occur as a result of various pathologies.

Movement therapy, focusing on physical exercise and aiming to achieve goals that converge to regain a state of well-being (often altered for various reasons), has become my predominant concern in recent years, especially as I see how Physiotherapy is needed for patients of all ages. It is necessary for children in the period of growth and development where it is common to alter posture, it is necessary in case of neurological diseases, in post-traumatic and post-operative situations, in specific sports pathology, but no less important is its prophylactic role.

Because, along with massage and other therapies, physical therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic means to maintain or regain health, I aimed to expand my skills by learning therapeutic massage techniques and other alternative therapies to support programs adopted according to the existing problem in each patient.

I want to help as many people as possible and taking into account their ailments, age and activity, they, through programs proposed and made individually, to return to a normal life, to regain confidence in the possibilities of their own body. to recover, to overcome that imbalance.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Therapeutic massage
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Reflexology

  • Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Kinesiotherapy and Special Motricity study program
  • Faculty of Legal and Administrative Sciences, specialization Legal and Administrative Sciences
  • Postgraduate Studies - Master in Business Law
  • Professional qualification certificate - Massage Technician
  • Graduation Certificate - Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

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