Biologist, Darkfield Microscopy Specialist, Ani Grigore


Specialist in the medical field in the laboratory department (sample collection and analysis), with more than 20 years of experience, with excellent communication and relationship skills. With higher education in the medical field:
1. Live blood specialist (Tel Aviv-London, year 2022)

2. Biologist with a master's degree in microbiology and immunology (master's degree completed in 2020)

3. Principal Generalist Medical Assistant ('Scoala Sanitara Fundeni')

4. Main Laboratory Medical Assistant specialization (University Hospital)

5. Volunteering in the Geriatrics department of the hospital 'Sf. Luca Bucharest

6. Staff Nurse in NHS (UK) on the HEMATOLOGY department (2015-2016).

Knowledge of all laboratory departments: biochemistry, coagulation hematology, immunology, performing urine summaries and reading coproparasitological examinations, bacteriology.

Knowledge about the operation of a medical analysis laboratory: the pre-analytical phase, the analytical phase and the post-analytical phase, by following and following some work procedures.

I am a responsible person involved in the activity,  positive attitude and oriented towards solving problems.

  • Biologist - Quantica720°
  • Biologist - Gral medical
  • Biologist - Analysis Center Otopeni
  • Registred Nurse(asistent medical generalist) - Kent and Canterbury Hospital(NHS)
  • Generalist and laboratory assistant - Hiperdia
  • General medical assistant - IDS laboratories

  • MBA - Neogenesis / Live blood specialist | Tel Aviv- London
  • Master's degree - University of Bucharest / Microbiology and Applied Immunology | Bucharest
  • College / Post-secondary studies - University Hospital / Medical laboratory assistant | Bucharest
  • Faculty - USAMV / Biology | Bucharest
  • College / Post-secondary studies - Fundeni Post-secondary School / General medical assistant | Bucharest

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