Founder & CEO, Bogdan Prajisteanu

Management, Electro-medical devices

In November 2017, I founded QUANTICA720° in Bucharest, an integrative medical clinic with 3600 investigations and 360therapies to increase the immune competence through detoxification, disinfestation, drainage, reset, modulation, stimulation and cellular regeneration where we find the solution, but we also prevent, a wide range of diseases.

What are we dealing with here? From allergies, food intolerances, chronic fatigue, insomnia, to rheumatism, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive problems, dermatological disorders and all types of pain, oncological pathology and post-covid pathology and other chronic diseases.

We have specialized in pain therapy and sports medicine, in the elimination of cell wastes and cellular reset, and we follows, at the highest standards, the protocols of Dr. Peter Molleney - Germany and Dr. McMakin - USA, two specialists with over 35 years of experience in medical field. In Quantica7200, dedicated, attentive doctors and specialists, latest German equipments as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere, will change your perception about the Romanian medical system.

We offer the most complex preventive service in our country. Here you can perform electromagnetic scans with hundreds of parameters that provide information about the state of all organs and systems in the body, plus blood, urine tests, genetic and ultrasound, CT / MRI through our partners. With this integrative approach, we manage to get a 360° degree view of the body. The doctors then centralize all these investigations, analyze your body as a whole and thus give you a complete picture of your health.

April 2017 I founded the QUANTICABIZ, an importing, distribution and online sales company of medical and health technology.

June 2014 till Jan 2017 I was the shareholder and CEO of VELTRAVEL.RO, and I remained investor and business consultant of the founder for the first Romanian online real time travel search engine and reservation, member of Expedia Affiliate Network (part of Expedia Inc.) working in the online innovation technology, e-commerce, advertising, media, integrating in real time 1.000.000 of unique accomodations out of 2,4 Mio offers combined with 12800 flight destinations covered by national airlines, low-costs and charters.
From 1994 till 2014 I have successfully worked in the advertising and media field with Grey Advertising/Mediacom, Mindshare, Media Insight and Mediaedgecia - MEC, out of which 15 years I worked in the management field or leading these companies as a Director, Managing Director or CEO.

  • Leadership, Media Communication, Electro-medical Devices Specialist

  • Harvard Business School Alumni - Program for Leadership Development
  • Master in Business Administration - Academy of Economics in Foreign Languages Bucharest, Economics
  • Professional Diploma in Management - Open Business School - Open University
  • Engineering and Management of Technological Systems - Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Engineer-Mechanic

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