Clinical Psychologist, Camelia Ghergus

Psychology & Psychotherapy

I graduated from the Faculty of Psychology within the Ecological University of Bucharest. After the Master of Cognitive Psychiatry and Psychological Counseling I became a clinical psychologist with competencies in clinical / psychological evaluation and psychotherapy.

At first I worked with children with autism spectrum disorders, trying to understand the world through their eyes and to help them adapt to the environment. Then I started working with teenagers and adults with special needs, within a Neuro-psychiatric recovery center where I could study the human psyche on different levels of intelligence and affections.

I have done studies together with university professors regarding the behavior of children of 5 to 12 years and how it changes depending on the environmental factors.

The Theta Healing and personal development courses have added to the knowledge acquired in the faculty and in practice. Engineer training and my passion for medicine helped me to better understand the processes involved in the body organs and how they can be influenced by the psychic. Although the functional unit soma-psyche has been studied since the beginning of medicine (in the European space), we have only now begun to use this link to improve the health of humans. Using my skills, knowledge and experience gained in recent years working with clients of different ages can today successfully support counseling and therapy programs for those who want to maintain or regain their mental-emotional balance.

  • Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy

  • Faculty of Energy - Polytechnic University of Bucharest
  • Postgraduate course “Project Management” - Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
  • Faculty of Psychology - Ecological University of Bucharest
  • Master of Cognitive Psychodynamics and Psychological Counseling - Ecological University of Bucharest

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