Dr. Simona Gabriela Solomon

Doctor specialist Endocrinology, Endocrine Ultrasound Competence, Homeopathy Competence

I am a doctor specialized in endocrinology and passionate about classical homeopathy, which I have been practicing for almost 20 years. After graduating the specialist exam, arriving in the reality of specialized offices, far from the science of Parhon, I increasingly felt the need for another form of treatment. This, especially since many of the patients had numerous difficult-to-explain symptoms that persisted despite a appropriate allopathic treatment. The "coincidence" made homeopathy appear in my path, towards which I initially showed mistrust, but then, seeing its effects, I began to study it and, gradually, to apply it.

Why, however, homeopathy?

First and foremost, because homeopathy is a gentle method of treatment that, if administered correctly, has no adverse effects. Then, the homeopathic remedy is administered according to the principle of similarity, that is, all the symptoms and signs of the disease present in a patient can be cured by a substance capable of producing similar symptoms in a healthy person. In other words, in a way, I had found the solution: finally, the "minor" symptoms could be taken into account and treated.

Homeopathic treatment can not only cure the disease, thus restoring the patient's state of health, increasing his energy and feeling of well-being, but it can also help him become aware of the patterns, the subconscious programs that led him to the disease. Throughout life we ​​adapt to environmental stressors, physical or emotional. And this adaptation process can lead to imbalances in the body. The remedy brings to the surface the experiences from the subconscious → they reach the conscious plane and thus can be observed, then processed thus leading to healing.

As a result, during the homeopathy consultation the patient is seen holistically, i.e. in its entirety, so that in the consultation both the physical symptoms and the emotional state and the auxiliary circumstances through which the disease appeared are taken into account very minutely.

The homeopathic treatment, being non-toxic, can be administered to any age group, pregnant women, both in acute and chronic conditions.

  • Endocrinology specialist doctor - 2001
  • Endocrine Ultrasound Competence - 2004
  • Competence Homeopathy - 2005
  • Continued professional development by participating in numerous specialized congresses and seminars

  • Faculty of General Medicine, Craiova (1988-1994)
  • Residency in General Medicine/Pediatrics, Craiova (1994-1997)
  • Residency in Endocrinology, Bucharest (1998-2001)

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