Pediatrician, Dr. Mihaela Dumitru

Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine for Child, Medical Research

Dr. Dumitru Mihaela is a dedicated professional in the medical field, with extensive expertise as a Pediatrician. With solid skills in Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Medical Research, she brings a comprehensive approach to children's health care. With numerous professional experiences, Dr. Dumitru Mihaela has demonstrated remarkable skills in diagnosis, treatment and management of emergency situations.

Her extensive education and constant desire to improve her knowledge reflect her commitment to the medical practice she carries out with love every day. By actively participating in training programs and specialization courses, Mihaela keeps up to date with the latest studies and adopts innovative approaches to improve the quality of pediatric medical care.

With special attention given to small patients and their families, Mihaela represents a model of professionalism and devotion in the medical field, contributing to the health and well-being of children with a holistic approach oriented to the cause of the problem.

  • Pediatrician - Acute Emergency Pediatrics Quantica720°
  • Sanador Hospital
  • Queen Maria Private Health Network
  • Giurgiu County Emergency Hospital
  • Scorsese Private Ambulance Service
  • INBI "Matei Bals"
  • Cabinet "Natural silhouette" Dr. Lygia Alexandrescu
  • Pediatric resident doctor (Dr. Victor Gomoiu Clinical Children's Hospital)
  • Family Medicine resident doctor (Floreasca Emergency Hospital)

  • Trainer Accreditation - Graduation Certificate series S No. 0083498 / 20.09.2023
  • Prehospital Truma Life Support – 9th Edition Provider Course
  • ERC Qualification Paediatric Basic Life Support ( PBLS ) Provider
  • Pediatrician Primary Physician (Primary Physician Certificate no. 80 / 13.01.2022)
  • Certificate of complementary studies in pre-hospital emergency medical assistance
  • Medical Specialist in Pediatrics (Medical Specialist Certificate no. 25290/02.06.2015)
  • Pediatrics Residency - Children's Clinical Hospital "Dr. Victor Gomoiu"
  • UMF "Carol Davila" Bucharest - Faculty of General Medicine (Graduate Diploma Series A1 No. 0174773)
  • Theoretical High School "Gr. Moisil" Bucharest (Baccalaureate Diploma Series T No. 0012822)

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