Psychologist, Coach Andreea Serban

Integrative Psychotherapy

More then 15 years ago, Andreea has chosen to dedicate her life to personal development, beyond her first profesion, being a lawyer for more then 20 years, having an MBA at the University of Monaco, and nowadays she is graduated at the Faculty of Psychology with the formation in Integrative Psychotherapy and Master in Behavior Therapy.

She is also yoga teacher certified, hypnosis and technician nutritionist. Recent certified Virginia Satir Coach and Mentor. In 2012, Andreea published their first book called - Uniques and different - where together with her sister and they synthesized their own experience in the area of personal development, creating the new paradigm of managing the difference and increasing the self-worth, the uniqueness.

In 2017 she published the second book - More than a lawyer- with her twin sister. Together they have created the Be Different Foundation.

  • Integrative Psychotherapy
  • Behavior Therapy

  • MBA at the University of Monaco
  • Faculty of Psychology

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