Therapist, Maria Badea

Clinical psychologist with training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, I graduated in 2000 the courses of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology Spitu Haret, taking my exams and the bachelor's degree at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Bucharest. Later I attended the Master's courses at the Titu Maiorescu Faculty and I continued my training in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (2006-2008).

Wanting to deepen the knowledge of the human soul, I considered it necessary to start with myself and I approached the integral yoga classes where I learned to correlate theory with practice in the process of self-discovery. I am practicing yoga for over 20 years and I have acquired the necessary skills to use psycho-somatic exercises, breathing, guided meditation and prayer in the therapeutic approach to healing. I am currently accredited as an Esoteric Tantra Yoga Instructor by Atman - The International Federation of Yoga and Meditation in Denmark.

In this process of self-discovery and inner transformation I began to acquire a holistic vision of the human being which determined me to complete my basic professional training with other adjacent skills, such as nutrition skills, trainer skills, skills in working with electro-medical technologies that can be used in diagnosis and psychological therapies.

We also aimed at developing psychological skills through training and workshops in addition to basic training, such as systemic psychotherapy - couple, child, family, transpersonal psychotherapy - the use of holotropic breathing with psychotherapists in France, psycho-somatic Recall Healing method developed by PhD. Gilbert Ranaud.

As a professional activity, I worked as a psychologist starting in the field of education and school (school psychologist), then in the field of human resources and clinical.

In conclusion, I can say that this multidisciplinary approach has helped me to have the tools to help me reach the cause of things and find the most appropriate therapeutic methods both to make competent evaluations and to help my clients find the solutions they need.

  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Transpersonal Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy

  • Faculty of Psychology and Sociology- Spiru Haret University, Bucharest
  • Master in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Titu Maiorescu University, Bucharest

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