Senior Medical Advisor & Mentor, Dr. Peter Mölleney

Alternative Medicine & Psychotherapist

Peter Mölleney, a fifth-generation, medical doctor licensed in  Essen, graduated as practioneer who has founded his own practice for complementary and alternative medicine in Essen, global expert on Integrative Medicine & Bio Informatics Technology, creator of 7 + award winning Bio Resonance and Bio Impedance based medical devices.

Former lifeguard, semi-professional soccer player and swimmer, instructor and medical advisor for VEGA Medicine Schiltach, Germany (1994-1997),  co-author of the first DFM textbook: “Ganzkörper-Regulations-Diagnose, VEGA DFM” and author of the Vegacheck textbook: „Gesundheits-Check in neuen Dimensionen”, creative advisor for the development of Vegacheck sport and prefit bodyscan (1997-2006).

In 2007 founds Wegamed GMBH company and four years later launches its own production area.  2016 represents the launching year for Nano Steam, one of the newest devices used in complementary medicine, followed by the development of new diagnostic devices and clinical concepts.

Two of Dr. Peter Mölleney's notable experiences are those with AC Milan football players and the Hungarian national football team, both of them having remarkable results after being tested with Wegamed medical equipment and followed Dr. Moelleney’s therapy recommendations over nutrition, training methods and times and sports recovery processes: AC Milan managed to drastically reduce their player’s injuries rate and increased healing processes, and FIFA Hungary won Champions League.

Quantica720’s specialists visited Dr. Peter Mölleney's clinic within Wegamed in Essen, Germany to better understand the investigation and therapy protocols he and his team apply, attending several trainings to improve their medical experience and knowledge. He then visited our clinic in Bucharest, sharing his methods through intensive training days and interviews which show a unique perspective when it comes to diagnose and therapy processes.

Our clinic became the first Wegamed competence center in our country, mainly focused on cellular detox & reset and pain therapy & sports medicine therapy.

Supported by latest certified medical equipment and through the experience of our medical doctors and specialists, we are happy to announce that Dr. Peter Mölleney accepted to become our Senior Medical Advisor & Mentor, since we are following his therapy protocols since our first interaction with him. See below his testimonial over his experience with Quantica720:

  • Medical Doctor, Complementary Medicine Specialist & Psychotherapy
  • Complementary Medicine Specialist
  • Medical Doctor

  • Faculty of Medicine - 1981
  • Studies of alternative medicine with exams as alternative practitioner and psychotherapist - 1986

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