Specialist in manual practices, Geta Bucur

Specialist in manual practices

Geta Bucur has over 12 years of experience as a physiotherapist, yoga instructor, lymphatic drainage and therapeutical massage . Its purpose is to treat patients through physical training and muscle toning methods, physical recovery and breathing exercises; ultrasound therapy (sound waves used both for scanning and for treating soft tissues), heat therapy, cryoultrasound and different types of maneuvers and methods of therapeutic massage and yoga practices, etc.

The preparation of the physical therapy plan for patients is carried out on the basis of the initial examination and in accordance with the doctor's indications, after which the evolution of the therapy plan is monitored.


* facial aesthetics certificate

* Medical Taping Concept neuromuscular bandaging certificate

* management of lymphedema

* structural, visceral, fascial osteopathic techniques course: Prof. DO Mircea Laurențiu

* cranial and craniosacral osteopathic technique course, TMJ (temporomandibular joint): prof DO Christian Defrance de Tersant

* Biodynamics course: Prof DO Mircea Laurențiu

* Biosystems course: prof DO Yves Poras

* intra-pelvic osteopathy course: Prof. DO Isabelle Carol




Anatomical painting

  • Specialist in manual practices

  • Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration
  • Romanian Institute of Bone Osteopathy
  • School of Balneophysiokinetics Assistants

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