Therapist, Georgeta Bucur

Technician masseur

7 years experience as physiotherapist and Yoga instructor: treating patients through physical training and muscle toning methods, physical and breathing exercises; ultrasound therapy (sound waves used both for scanning and soft tissue treatment), heat therapy, crioultrasunet and various types of massage and therapeutic massage methods and yoga practices, etc. Preparing the physical therapy plan for patients based on the initial examination and according to the doctor's instructions, monitoring and recording the patient's condition and reporting to the doctor about the progress of the therapy.

Specialist crioultrasunet specialization and tecarherapy

Certificate of facial aesthetic competence

Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga Professor

Silva Method Certification

Medical Taping Concept for Neuromuscular Bandaging Certification

  • Manual Therapist

  • Faculty of Economic Sciences Business Management and Administration, Atheneum University, BUCHAREST - 2008 - 2011
  • Graduate of the osteopathy school "OSTEORE", Bucharest

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