"Health is a treasure that few know how to value, although almost all are born with it," said Hippocrates, the most famous physician of ancient Greece. We support you to keep it as a treasure.

Medical clinic for 360° investigations and 360° therapies to increase the immune competence through cellular detoxification, cleaning the body of pathogenic micro-organism, general drainage, cellular function reset, immune-modulation, immune-stimulation and cellular regeneration where we find the solution, but we also prevent, a wide range of diseases.

What are we dealing with here? From allergies, food intolerance, chronic fatigue, insomnia, to rheumatism, diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive problems, dermatological disorders and all types of pain, oncological pathology, post-covid pathology.

We have specialized in pain therapy and sports medicine, in the elimination of cell wastes and cellular reset, and we follows, at the highest standards, the protocols of Dr. Peter Molleney - Germany and Dr. Caroline McMakin - USA, two specialists with over 35 years of experience in medical field. In Quantica720, dedicated, attentive doctors and specialists, latest German equipment as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere, will change your perception about the Romanian medical system.

Once the problems have been identified, the specialists design a treatment scheme adapted to the needs of each patient. This may include frequency therapy, light-therapy, bio-resonance, vacuum, ozone, therapeutic massage, lymphatic, osteopathy, infrared sauna, cosmetic-dermatology treatments, as well as integrative, quantum and coaching psychotherapy services. In addition to this, a personalized diet, homeopathic, apifitotherapeutic remedies, which reduce chronic inflammation in the body and strengthen the immunity system, is recommended. All this restores the normal functioning of the body, basically resetting blood, lymph, tissues and organs down to the cellular lever. The therapy is also 360 degrees. Thus, through our holistic method of preventive diagnosis and therapy, we manage to restore health to 720 degrees.



Cellulite massage treatment is a very effective method for cellulite reduction and elimination. There is a fast and visible result after only a few intensive sessions. → read more ...


Do you have an extremely low level of calcium in your body? You can solve the problem quickly by administering it intravenously. → read more ...


Frequent physiotherapy can treat all types of pain and inflammation, allergies, sunburn, wounds and skin conditions, as well as asthma, diseases of the bronchi, stomach and intestines. → read more ...


PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy, or "vampire therapy" is a natural rejuvenation treatment with plasma harvested from the patient, enriched with platelets. Specifically, a quantity of blood is collected, processed, plasma is obtained with platelets, whi → read more ...


In case of sprains, dislocations, ligament ruptures and other accidents, the goal of recovery is to get out of bed as soon as possible and prevent edema. → read more ...


Performed when the therapy plan is completed, useful in monitoring the therapy process in revealing "before and after" results → read more ...

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