The outer beauty also comes from the inside. Non-invasive anti-aging therapies. Schedule for a consultation!

Rapid treatments for dermatological diseases. Improves the appearance of your skin.

The dermato-aesthetic and anti-aging consultation is done by the dermatologist and is addressed to patients with inflammation and degeneration of the skin and or associated pathologies whose cause has not been identified.

To identify the causes, the consultation includes scanning the body using 4 state-of-the-art devices, three by the bio-impedance method Global Diagnostics, Digisoft, Bioscan and one by the Biophotonic spectroscopy method and the integration of all information from the scans. For more detailed information, blood or DNA tests can also be performed.


The procedures used in the clinic bring back the vibrant beauty, youth and health of your skin. We use a wide range of therapeutic ozone therapy, intravenous therapies with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, special cosmetic cocktails from Japan, PRP, mesotherapy, PRX, vacuum and bioresonance in the magnetic field, frequency therapy, micro-needling Dermapen.

We also use manual techniques for facial lymphatic drainage and skin cleansing with the help of curb masks and by oxygenating the skin inside.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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