We offer you an individual health assessment guide by creating a risk profile.

The evaluation may include complementary therapies, recommendations for natural remedy, altering nutrition as well as reducing stress with a view to restoring health. These recommendations are not specific therapies for any known disease and are not intended to replace any treatment prescribed by the allopathic medicine.

  • I fully understand that the person who is testing me will give me recommendations that are within the parameters of the philosophy of promoting health naturally.
  •  I agree that the person consulting me does not offer allopathic medication or surgery, chimiostimulatory therapies or radiotherapy but will provide me with complementary and natural therapies for restoring balance and optimal physical condition for health.
  •  I declare that the person who examined me did not cause me to interrupt or alter allopathic treatment and does not prevent me from consulting with an allopathic physician.
  •  I am currently requesting the recommended assessment test, counseling, advice, opinion, and products based on the health principles outlined above.
  •  I have requested the test services in good faith, exercising my free will and following what dictates good consciousness that allows me to select what is best for my own health.
  •  I take full and legal responsibility for my decision.
  •  I also take responsibility for any issues that might arise as a result of my actions or failure to comply with the recommendations I received.
  •  I declare that I have read and understood this document and received the same explanations from the person who consulted me and the answers to my questions were satisfactory.

Quantica720 treats data protection very seriously.

Personal data are handled in accordance with the rules on personal data protection.

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