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Immune Competence - Acute / Chronic Pathology

Modulation of the immune system, acute and chronic diseases, post-covid pathology recovery.


At the Quantica7200 clinic, doctors and therapists aim at the personalized treatment of the patient and approach the disease by combining the means of modern medicine with the complementary ones helped by the latest technology. The solution of integrative medicine is that the patient must be seen as a whole. This means that when treating an illness, the doctor takes into account all three aspects of an individual: body, mind-emotion and spirit.

In the case of a chronic or cancer patient, for example, integrative medicine aims not only to provide allopathic treatment, but also to solve all the associated problems, ie to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, to alleviate pain, to fight depression, to help social reintegration of the patient, but also in the care in the terminal phases.


The 3600 diagnosis concept we implement represents data analysis and the integration of all information about the patient's condition that begins with a detailed medical history that puts the patient in context, the patient's symptoms, laboratory blood / urine tests, then scan it. electromagnetic physical body by bio-impedance method, DNA tests in saliva and if there is a major imbalance and by ultrasound / MRI.

The multidisciplinary medical team for complex cases is the second valuable support element for the solution to balance the patient's health.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.

Immune Competence Therapies / Acute / Chronic Pathology

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