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Our pediatric services take care of the healthy and harmonious growth of your child.

Children's health is paramount among parents. So, if your child has a health problem for which you have not been able to identify the cause, especially since the little one does not know how to tell him what hurts or you want a complete set of detailed routine tests Quantica7200, comes to your aid.

We have the latest medical equipment, through which we can perform scans, medical evaluations and collection for laboratory tests on the health of children aged 5-17 years.


Integrative therapy complements the drug treatment (if necessary) and involves amelioration or even healing through a protocol of therapies that include bioresonance in the magnetic field, therapy with hyperpolarized light or with specific frequencies by microcurent. 

Through state-of-the-art technology and devices, we detect the bioenergetic signal, identify the condition we ameliorate by sending an electromagnetic signal that amplifies cellular energy by resonance and cancels the effect of a pathogen by reversing the signal. The procedures are performed with certified medical devices.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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