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Manual Therapy

Manual therapies aim to eliminate functional muscle blockages and nerve release safely and effectively of course.

It is said that the best therapy is man-made therapy! For this reason, we created the manual therapy service, in which you can benefit from pain healing by reaching out to our experts.

What does manual therapy entail? This type of therapy involves a lot of techniques, methods, types of exercises or mobilizations. Among the most effective are lymphatic drainage, kinetotherapy, reflexology, general therapeutic massage, anti-cellulite massage, segmented therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, bowen therapy and last but not least structural osteopathy and chiropractic.


The purpose of these therapies is to relax the muscles and eliminate the tension accumulated in the body's surface tissues. They help improve skin quality, regenerate tissues, detoxify the body, stimulate blood circulation, treat water retention, reduce cellulite and a heavy body sensation.

How often do we recommend such a treatment? First, identify the most appropriate type of manual therapy to follow. Then, together with our specialist, a number of sessions and an interval are established, depending on the needs and the type of activity you have daily.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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