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Evaluation, personalized nutrition plans, tests and physiological investigations.

80% nutrition, 20% sports? This statistic may sound familiar. Indeed, exercise is not enough to achieve a goal or to lead a healthy lifestyle. We could say that sport comes as an adjunct in supplementing nutrition, which is the basis of the pyramid of a balanced lifestyle.

Quantica7200 has a team of experienced nutritionists and dietitians, ready to offer you guidance, support and help in a process at the end of which you will know how to enjoy food to your advantage.


During the first session, a standard consultation and scan will be performed, where the specialist will ask questions to evaluate the food style, the needs and particularities of the body will be pointed out, we will establish the objectives and we will design a personalized nutritional scheme. Later, in the next meetings we will analyze the effects, you will say what difficulties you encountered, and we will come up with solutions to solve them.

Along with our team, another important component is technology! Through state-of-the-art medical devices, under the guidance of nutritionists, we will determine the nature of digestive system imbalances and treat diseases, among the most common digestive or hormonal ones.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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