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Ozone Therapy - Intravenous therapies/injections

Ozone therapy helps to reduce fatigue and helps increase immunity.

Ozone therapy or ozone therapy starts from the idea that at the origin of any health problem is insufficient oxygenation of cells. Ozone is a gas that comes to repair the cell inside, to oxygenate it. It neutralizes toxins, reduces inflammation, regulates pH, activates the body's repair mechanisms, thus stimulating detoxification, strengthening immunity and providing energy. 

It is healthy, natural and has no side effects. In fact, ozone has a long history in medicine. It was used since the First World War to disinfect wounds. In the last century, the entire medical world has validated the benefits of ozone, and today it is used in all kinds of therapies that treat a wide range of conditions.

Ozone cleansing of the blood is good both in prevention, for those who want to boost immunity, and for those with serious health problems, such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular and liver diseases, diabetes, herniated discs, rheumatism, arthritis, gonarthrosis, etc. 


Injectable IV therapy is the fastest and most effective way to provide the body with a concentrated dose of vitamins, minerals and amino acids: directly into the bloodstream. Nutrients from food, no matter how balanced and healthy they may be, are often insufficient, as they must pass through the filter of the digestive system, whose absorption power is limited.

Instead, through intravenous therapies, the body receives directly in the blood, in a high concentration, the valuable substances it needs. The process takes 15-45 minutes, after which you can resume your usual activities of the day. The effect occurs 12-24 hours after administration, although many people immediately feel more invigorated, more toned, full of energy.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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