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Personalized integrative approach - for body, mind-emotions and spirit.


Within the Quantica720° clinic you have 3 types of consultations in preventive & integrative medicine: consultation and integrative medical scanning in which we use an electro-magnetic scanning medical device with dozens of parameters related to health, the standard consultation that contains scanning with 4 devices of advanced investigation and consultation in which we add the mental-emotional scan.

Medical consultations can also integrate additional information from laboratory tests for blood, urine, feces and, if necessary, genetic tests, ultrasound and MRI through our partners so that medical investigations provide a 360° perspective on your health and identification of causes. which determined the imbalance or equilibrium.


The Quantica7200 team is made up of experienced physicians, psychologists and psychotherapists, who want to offer you specialized help to regain your normal physical and emotional state. In such a process, the first step is to evaluate and identify the causes of symptoms.

We discover the causes of the problem through a mental-emotional diagnosis made with the help of the TimeWaver device, we access information from the information field both at a conscious level and at a subconscious level. In this way, we make sure that the proposed solution will ensure the long-term solution of the problem.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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