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Psychotherapy & Coaching

Psychotherapy for mental and emotional health.


We hear the term coaching more and more often and we don't understand why we need this service, but the answer is a simple one! Emotional discharge and receiving an objective opinion from the outside can change our lives and make our daily tasks easier. Do you know that obstacle from childhood that does not give you peace and appears in your adult life every day? We have the solution for him!

Quantica7200 offers specialized help. Here we analyze psycho-socio-emotional aspects, we focus on finding solutions and we try to fight the problems of the past in the present so as not to affect our actions in the future.


The human being is made to evolve, and over time we accumulate negative energies, which we tend not to download through communication, hoping that they will pass with time, but this is one of the most common and big mistakes.

Negative stress must be relieved by communicating with experienced psychologists and psychotherapists able to understand the process on a large scale and find a long-term solution to ensure a clean future in which we can function at full capacity, both with the body and thinking about.

Therapy services are performed only after a preliminary medical consultation.
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