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Dr. Manuela Udrea | | Acne at 30+

Why does acne appear even at 30+?

Acne is not a problem specific to adolescents, nor is it a sign of lack of sexual activity, as some would say. Manifested in adulthood, it shows that there are some imbalances in the body and must be treated from the inside to the outside.

"Just because it appears on the skin, acne is not just a dermatological condition. It is an inflammatory disease by which the body signals some imbalances: either hormonal disorders or overload with toxins due to nutrition, lifestyle, ”says Dr. Manuela Udrea, general medicine specialist having competences in clinical homeopathy, apifitotherapy, aromatherapy and quantum medicine at Quantica 720. If you don't know how to get rid of pimples, you should first do a set of hormonal, blood tests and scans to show your toxin load. "Our body needs a healthy and varied diet, from bread to meat. But if there is an overflow from a certain direction, that is, we eat chips, cakes and juices daily, the body will no longer be able to process them very well and eliminate the toxins through the filter organs (liver, gall bladder, lungs, intestine, skin). The toxins are stored, accumulated and will cause problems, from fatigue, low concentration power, weak immunity, to dull, pale skin, with acne and rashes. Acne should not only be treated locally, but its cause must be determined. A person with acne can come to me and I can give him treatment for the liver, or for the stomach, ”explains Dr. Manuela Udrea.

The cause of the acne, depending on its location points

According to experts, the face is a "mirror" of what is happening in the body. More specifically, the areas where pimples appear correspond to an organ and reveal a health problem. "There are certain organ projections on the face. Depending on this you can make correlations regarding a possible organ dysfunction, "says the doctor, who details.

The pimples in the cheek area suggest a stomach problem. It may be a Helicobacter Pylori, a parasite called Demodex, or a gastric hyperacidity.

Between eyebrows. This area indicates lactose intolerance or liver disease. In the latter case, it is good to avoid alcohol and heavy food consumption, late at night.

If acne appears on your forehead, you may have problems with your gall bladder and colon.

A red nose, always inflamed, shows high acidosis in the body. The mucous membranes are inflamed because the acidity in the body is high. We need to turn to alkaline foods. It is said that in a predominantly alkaline organism the disease state cannot exist, viruses, bacteria and fungi cannot reproduce, not even survive. Lemons, although they have an acidic pH, have a strong alkalizing effect, so drink lots of lemon water!

When the pimples appear on the jaw and on the head, it is a sign that the lymph is wrapped. "There is a lymphatic area. If acne is located on the jaw and below the neck, a detoxification cure is needed, with lymphatic drainage and diet revision. It is necessary to eliminate the consumption of dairy, sugar and gluten. These are the biggest enemies of the skin, which favors acne! Give up cream cakes, ice cream, cream and fatty cheese. All this wraps the lymph. The food must be more alkaline, to consume many citrus fruits, essential oils and lymph drainage teas (eg of brust, of three siblings) ”, draws the attention of Dr. Manuela Udrea.

Get through a detoxification cure!

The detoxification treatment lasts about two months and is done once a year or as needed. It consists not only in the consumption of fruits, vegetables and juices, but must be acted upon on several levels. "We have toxins in all cells, including muscles. When you do a detox cure focusing only on nutrition, you will only act on the intestines, not the tissues. It must be acted on several planes, from stress avoidance, rest at night, to professional drainage sessions, with the help of devices that combine electrotherapy with vacuum stimulation. This is how the lymphatic system is activated and the toxins in the skin are drained ”, completes Dr. Peter Molleney, a famous specialist in complementary medicine from Germany, who came to Bucharest for a training.

Mistakes to be avoided

Skin care is also important. Use natural, dermatocosmetic products, suitable for your skin type. Certain cosmetics containing comedogenic substances may be to blame.

One solution would be to try to change them. Use gels and lotions specially designed for cleansing when you have acne. Do not use too much wih soap, it dries and irritates the skin. Also, do not squeeze your pimples because you risk an over-infection, avoid touching your face with your dirty hands and disinfect your cell phone regularly, because it is a source of bacteria.

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