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Interview with Marcus Schmieke, the inventor of TimeWaver Systems

The inventor and developer of the TimeWaver systems was born in 1966 in Oldenburg, Germany. In the course of his studies of physics and philosophy in Heidelberg and Hanover, he developed the vision of exploring the interaction between matter and consciousness.

His encounter with the physicist Burkhard Heim, as well as his work on his own books about science and consciousness – The Last Secret and the Field of Life – laid the theoretical foundation for the development of Information Field technology. Through an intensive examination of Heim’s model of the 12 dimensional structure of the universe, Marcus Schmieke gained a deep understanding of the physical Information Field.

In 2007, on the basis of the work of Burkhard Heim, the Russian physicist Nikolai Kozyrev and other scientists, Marcus Schmieke developed the first TimeWaver system and thus brought Information Field technology into practical application for the first time. Within a very short period of time it proved to be a success in complementary medicine, and now TimeWaver systems are being increasingly used in areas such as business, family and personality development.

How did you come up with the idea for TimeWaver Med?

I have studied physics, especially at University of Hanover and Heidelberg, and I got very early fascination for quantum physics because it absolutely changes one’s vision on everything, basically. And this is I also, I believe what the pioneers of quantum physics like Albert Einstein was one of them, and Niels Bohr, and Werner Heisenberg, this is what they experienced, this excitement at the beginning of the 20th century, that everything is new and actually quantum physics gives a complete new vision of who we are, what is our body, how our body connects with the mind that is actually oneness. So I got fascinated by these during studying physics and philosophy, cause without philosophy you cannot understand physics, and then from all these deeper studies, I developed the desire to practically apply this. Because, nowadays, already 33 % of all the economic turnover in the world is indirectly based on quantum physics. All technology, like computers, are quantum physics. But the direct implications on our life and on our health has not been understood so far. This was a big inspiration for me, to find out how quantum physics can be used for helping to understand ourselves better and to improve, and in a medical sense, this can be applied.

Actually, it is for the human being, for the individual, in fact?

Yes, for the individual. Because the human body is considered to be build up by atoms, molecules, tissues and organs, but if you add them all together you do not actually have a human being. You have to study this one human being is what quantum physics actually teaches and there are two important lessons in quantum physics and I have used them in the technical development of the TimeWaver: one that is the basis of matter is not only energy but information. Only energy does not make a material body, it needs information where the energy needs to interact. So, information level needs to be considered, what I call the “Information field”. Every body, every person has an “Information field” and each quantum system has a specific resonance frequency and if you find the right frequencies, you can change the energetic and material state.

Like music…

Yes, like music, yes we know, with the right music people will be happy, if you find the right frequency of photons or an atom, you can bring it into an excitement state and make connections, if you find the right frequency for a human being you can make him happy, you can make him healthy, you can make him wealthy . It’s about balance. It is about being in the right point, it is about being in balance but sometimes the person is very much out of balance and we develop systems and we give it a name we call it disease. So, actually for this different type of imbalances we have found frequencies for treating them.

Which quantum physics theory is placed inside the TimeWaver Med? Is it one that you discovered or one that was already discovered?

Fortunately, it was already discovered, at the beginning of the 20th century by these great physicists which I have mentioned mainly from Germany, but also from Denmark or from Austria, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Nils Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, they are all Nobel laureates and they have developed the theory of quantum physics, but the application in medicine has not been thought through world it did not really arrived in all sciences. I believe what I have done in the technical development of the TimeWaver and then in the development of the treatment protocols and medical protocols, is just applying the quantum physics to the human body and to the human being as a whole and making it very practical for making people healthy.

Are you optimistic for the next 20 years about how things will evolve in this respect?

Yes I am very optimistic, if science for just 10 years concentrates on these aspects of holistic science, of frequency science, of information field science within the next 10 years we could do more progress than within 200 years of conventional research and this not what I am saying, but Nikolai Tesla said one very famous physicist and inventor.

When and how long took you to develop this technology?

Yes, for me it’s already very old because I started already to think about these things at university, but I wrote a book called the “The Fields of Life”, which was published in 1997, and in this book, I’m already dealing with the idea of ​​”Information field”, and afterwards I started to develop the technology for it. So maybe around 2000 I really started seriously working on and developing the technology and it took about until 2006 and in 2007 we produced the first devices and it took another 4 to 5 years to have it certified as a medical device so that it could be used by doctors and in clinics, and since that time many clinics are using it.

Where did you focus your development efforts so far?

We’ve concentrated on the German-speaking countries because it’s not just supplying the technology but it’s also very much about training and education of the professionals. We also have devices for patients, but by doing this, people and professionals from other countries from Europe, but also from Asia, America, Arabic countries came to us and they wanted to bring our technology to their countries. So therefore, we are now in the process of, in at least 20 countries outside of the European Union, to get medical certification. We’ve just got it last week for Malaysia and now we are getting it for Taiwan, Canada, and in the process with the FDA in the US. It’s a very big challenge to establish an alternative medical system in so many different countries.

Different cultures, different ways of thinking and still one medical device.

Yes, fortunately there is one universal language which is the language of science. So everyone understands this language, and the medical certification processes are everywhere based on science and clinical studies and we have a very strong clinical background and clinical evaluations so we can actually get the medical certifications all over the world. I’m just on my way to China, where we’ll present TimeWaver at universities in Taiwan and Shanghai.

So people find out about TimeWaver because of the medical field. I mean, this is the point of spreading the information?

Yes, because I think this the first and strongest application of the information fields and frequency technology is for health, not only physical health, but also for mental health. We have a very good record for also the treatment of psychological diseases: depression, anxiety, burn-out, post-traumatic stress syndrome. We’ve just started two clinical studies on using TimeWaver for dementia.

This way, replacing the pills, there is no longer any side effect.

Many people don’t know that the 3rd or 4th most common or most frequent cause of death is due to the adverse effects of drugs. It’s number 3 to 4 in the world. Often, side effects are more severe than positive ones. So our goal is to have a technology which is completely free of side effects.

So no chemical intervention in the body?

If chemical intervention is needed, I am not against it. Like sometimes, many times, antibiotics save lives, but we know the doctors give antibiotics for everything sometimes. They have done so in the past and this caused big harm for the health of the people.

Let’s go back to TimeWaver. Is it a resourceful project ? How did you finance this project?

In the beginning I funded all the research, development and production myself, personally, so the first years I basically worked on my own resources.

So it’s your own “baby”?

Yes, absolutely, I didn’t work with any investor until 2014, and I could also have continued to work without an investor, but since 2014 I decided to not just do it alone anymore, but with my team of course and also to develop a partnership with a very good friend, who has been an Hedge Fund Manager before, one of the most successful European Hedge Funds, and has the same vision as I have: to invest into research and the development of products based on quantum physics for the health of the people. So it’s more fun to do it together. And our plans are to build a global network of competencies, research, clinics, distribution, because I think our technology can change the health system of this planet.

How did you connect the two technologies, Frequency and Information?

TimeWaver was developed until 2006 and it was pure quantum information technology, and the frequency technology we developed until 2011. At the end of 2011, we published our first Frequency Therapy Device. Originally, I developed it together with a Portuguese researcher, NUNO NINA CLINIC, whom I’m still working with to connect our technology to clinical experience. This is the most important thing: we have a very powerful technology and we are connecting it with the best clinical experience. Everything what we do needs to be based on clinical experience.

How does TimeWaver technology applies in business?

Basically, because information field is so basic, because information is more basic than energy, and energy is more basic than metal, information field technology can be used in any fields, like sports or agriculture, and also to help analyze and optimize business processes. Because, especially, a business is not a house, it’s not a collection of metal, it’s more a network which is, especially nowadays, exchanging lots of information. So, the information field of a business is containing all the relationships, internally and externally, all the knowledge, all the data, and to analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of this information field and to find ways to optimize can be very beneficial to any business.

Can we compare it to an organism?

Yes, we know a business is an organism, but much more abstract, but the informational aspect is more predominant in a human being. The human being has an information field, but sometimes we consider it a body. But nowadays, if we look at big businesses in the world, like Facebook, Google or Alibaba, they are almost purely virtual, so informational aspect is much more important than the material aspect. Look at Coca-Cola, I don’t think it’s a very good product, but it’s very successful, the most valuable thing is the brand. Brand is purely on the informational and the consciousness level, it’s all about awareness. So creating value in business nowadays is not anymore to accumulate a lot of matter, a lot of production units, but it’s all about finding the right opportunities, connecting the right information, being at the right time, in the right place. Information is basically everything. Information technology is like artificial intelligence, it becomes more and more important in business nowadays. But, artificial intelligence is deterministic so information field technology is a spontaneous counterpart of artificial intelligence.

You have plans for China and you have plan for going everywhere, on all continents. Who are the main users?

At the moment, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, it’s mainly private clinics, private doctors who are using the devices for their patients, normal doctors and alternative doctors. It’s not used yet so much in bigger clinics because in bigger clinics they use existing technologies that are very widely accepted by mainstream science. This is not yet the case for our technology, because our technology is still new and very innovative, but especially in other parts of the world, like in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong, the acceptance is much bigger. When I was in Shanghai in January, I had maybe one hour of personal talk with the mayor of Shanghai who has a magistrate from science and economy and I had one hour talk about quantum physics and how to relate it to the traditional Chinese medicine and also the traditional Taoist philosophy, and we came to very amazing parallels and conclusions, but he is the representative of the Communist Party for 33 million people, and the communists are not very much into religion. So, I think the mentality is very much different there. Here, in Europe, things are very established and move slowly, new things are not accepted very quickly because in south-east Asia and China is different, they’re very quick.

Why do you think it’s so easy there?

I think that it’s because of their traditional knowledge on alternative medicine, and this Taoistic and Buddhistic understanding of life, Buddhistic and Taoistic are very close to each other. It’s still there, even in a communist country like China, it’s still there, and they try to find a way to express it in modern terms which are politically correct which fit into modern society. So, if I come there and offer scientific explanation of their own traditions then the doors are very open. Also, they are very pragmatic: whatever works will be accepted. And they even have lots of health issues which their traditional medical system cannot handle anymore. The same is in India, they have imported in the last decades, the western style of living, and also the western diseases, which they don’t know. They do not know diabetes, arteriosclerosis or cancer to such a degree. Unfortunately, they have imported our disease technology, our style of stressy life, living on the surface and our way of nutrition, which is not really so much nutrition, so they imported our diseases and now they need our technology to cure the diseases.

How important is the Romanian market for distributing TimeWaver devices for professionals and for the consumers? How did you find the distributor Quantica720 in Romania?

I think the distributor found us. This is a way how we actually until now found the people, based on resonance. All quantum physics is based on resonance so because the technology is new and innovation it needs people with this spirit and who go in resonance with our values, why we do this, and fortunately we found Quantica here, a partner who shares the same values and the same vision and is very enthusiastic about our technology and so for me, every market is has the same importance. People are in a way the same everywhere and yet so different, they very much like to explore new parts of this planet, new cultures and mentalities. ultimately people are all connected.

Different markets. Different people.

Romania is very close to our culture actually. My wife is from Slovakia it already on the way from Germany. My family originally came from Mongolia, they came through Russia, Poland and then through Germany. I think we all have very international genes. What humanity needs is to overcome borders, and to overcome the things that separates because we cannot afford anymore this kind of mentality on this planet, because the problems are global now, to have the peace, it can only be global, to solve the economic problems, it can only be global, especially the ecological. There are no local solutions for ecological issues. We have to learn how to deal with the differences and more understanding what are next people.

For example, I see a very positive effect of European Union, we just made one medical certificate in one country like Romania and immediately the devices are certified in all European countries. Like now, UK is leaving European Union, so many issues coming like this and I see this great idea of one united Europe. The are political tendencies to concentrate the nations.

Maybe due to financial problems. Money is a cause.

Money issues but also human issues. Because we humans, we are having an ego, you have to fight with the other. Good thing is that we are all connected in the information field. It is also behind the vision of TimeWaver. TimeWaver has a claim, the brand claim, your connection to the information field so everyone is connected to the information field, we are all connected at a deeper of connectiveness. That is why we know it and we also feel it.

What are you future plans for the company ? Are planning launching a new product, a new technology ?

One plan is for professional devices is to make them more accessible to orthodox doctors and clinics, by very much standardizing our medical protocols we have. I have done this, it can be used for pain, for certain diseases in a standardized way.

Also we have developed TimeWaver for for home use as a wearable. Anyone who has a smartphone can use it. A small TimeWaver is called Healy and it fits in any pocket and it is operated with low energy Bluetooth by a smartphone and it is a certified medical device which can treat many diseases and it can be a companion for holistic health style. This is our goal to distribute 100 Mil pieces in the next 10 years outside of China and in 100 Mil inside China. Fortunately, we have a very smart partner for China we took the task for reaching 100 Mil. People in China.