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Administration method:

for adults (women, women who have given birth, who are on a diet or who are breastfeeding) over the age of 40, 2 capsules a day are recommended. Use for 2 months. Swallow with plenty of water.

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The formula with hydroxyproline, a collagen precursor amino acid, Biocyte Forte tensor works against skin aging and loss of firmness. With age, weight changes, hormonal changes, sun exposure, skin aging is accelerated. The dermis is felt and the skin becomes less elastic, less firm and more exposed. This phenomenon can be amplified during menopause. Biocite Strong Tensor® is a food supplement specially formulated to fight against aging skin and loss of firmness. With hydroxyproline, the skin is firmer, the oval of the face is reshaped and the skin is younger. Redesigning titanium dioxide-free products can cause a change in appearance. The contents of the capsule may look inhomogeneous (granules of different colors) due to the mixture of several goods.

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