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Good Night Capsules contains an innovative combination of herbal extracts and essential oils, which contribute to the state of relaxation, act beneficially on sleep disorders and help its natural installation.

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  • Improves the quality of natural sleep
  • Helps install sleep
  • Supports relaxation and physical well-being
  • Do not give daytime sleepiness
  • Reduces the number of nocturnal awakenings
  • Confirmed efficacy in chronic insomnia.

After approximately 20 days of treatment, it was found:

-Sleeping insomnia was absent in 82.5% of cases

-Night awakenings were reduced in 83.5% of cases

-The number of hours of sleep / night normalized in 70% of cases

-In 100% of cases, the installation of the therapeutic effect was found 1 hour after the administration of the product at an average of 7.6 days after administration.

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