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A psychotherapy session can help you solve certain problems that have been bothering you for a long time. Now you can request an online session in order to benefit from psychotherapeutic services without having to go to the clinic.

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How do we get to the result?
That of helping the patient to find resources and develop new skills to manage and solve the problems they face.

Online psychotherapy
Do you not have time to go to the clinic or do you feel more comfortable if you perform a psychotherapy session from the comfort of your home? Quantum online psychotherapy is the solution for you. Our therapist is online and available to give you the support you need.

How do we get to the result?
Because we want maximum efficiency and an optimal result, we encourage our patients to implement a healthy lifestyle associated with yoga, aerobics, dance, massage, homeopathy, jogging, all of which will help you stay in good shape and fitness. Coaching services that contribute to the increase of self-esteem, the elaboration of an action plan and some behavioral landmarks in order to be able to reach the initial objectives and to implement all the necessary changes. A psychotherapy aimed at the result through behavioral changes. It is necessary for the patient to follow and follow all the indications of the therapist. We aim to improve the general condition by reducing: anxiety, fatigue, personality disorders, stress.

The patient can opt for the single session option or for the 6-session package, depending on the complexity of the situation he wants to solve.

Duration: 45 min.

This type of service is recommended to be a preliminary stage of consultation and therapy in the clinic and not to replace them.
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