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Menstrual Bio Spray is a complex of 3 gemotherapeutics: 1:20 hydro-glycero-alcoholic macerate of equal parts of buds: Cranberry (Vaccinum vitis-idaea), Raspberry (Rubus idaeus), and Oak (Quercus robur) created especially for support and balancing a woman's body during menstruation.

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  • Easy and convenient to dose and administer
  • It relieves the specific symptoms of menstruation
  • It can regulate the secretion of estrogen or progesterone if necessary
  • It allows the regulation and purification of the body due to the synergy of the gemotherapy mix
  • Diuretic and draining action on the kidneys
  • It balances the nervous system
  • Supports the body physically and mentally and helps against severe fatigue

How to use:

10 sprays per day in the oral cavity. Shake before use.


Cranberry - The young cranberry shoots used in gemotherapy have a large amount of estradiol, a hormone involved in menopause that makes this macerate a female ally to calm its manifestations. Cranberry is known for its diuretic and kidney-draining effect on the kidneys. It has also been used for a long time in food for its sour taste and digestive properties.

Raspberry - The raspberry is a shrub 1 to 2 meters tall in the Rosaceae family. In gem therapy, the young shoots of the raspberry are the ones that are used, even before the appearance of the first leaf. A true female hormone regulator, it stimulates the production of estrogen and progesterone if needed. Raspberry bud macerate will be very suitable for situations of painful and irregular periods, menopause, enterocolitis.

Oak - Oak is one of the most widespread trees, existing under several species. It gives man a bud of youth, the maceration of which is a major hormonal stimulant. The latter is recommended to support the body both physically and psychologically, either to combat severe fatigue or to stimulate sexual tone. It is a harmonious tree, representing rooting and opening, and will be effective in restoring balance and cohesion in your body. Oak bud maceration will be very suitable for situations of severe fatigue, convalescence and male senescence.

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