Immune Competence Consultation & Scanning is a service that provides you with data on your health using the high-performance equipment that Quantica7200 Clinic uses.

Price: Chronic Pathology - 800 RON (+ 19% VAT) (4 devices included for scanning)

Duration: 1:30 p.m.

Price: Prevention - 450 RON (+ 19% VAT) (1 device included for scanning)

Duration: 50 Min

Before starting the process, we need to see where we are and what we want to achieve. For this, we will have a consultation and a scan. The consultation with the specialist doctor is a discussion that will point out the current health problems, the history of the antecedents, the patient will answer a set of questions, he will say what exactly is wrong with him, what are his expectations. This consultation can also be carried out online after having the scanning with Check Medical Sport (for Prevention version) or all 4 devices (for Pathology option) .

Scanning using modern equipment within the clinic completes anamnesis with clear data on the patient's health. High-performance diagnostic devices are used, which operate with electromagnetic waves. Thus, we can test the level of toxins in the body, the level of free radicals, heavy metals, but also vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, we measure cell inflammation, collagen deficiency or immune system status, we see how the liver, bile, pancreas, kidneys work. For example, with a single device (Global Diagnostics), in just 8 minutes, clear information is obtained on the energy condition of over 540 organs and 13 systems in the body. Scientific, holistic, osteopathic and empirical data are processed.

Based on these scans and the questionnaire, the doctor, along with the patient, will design a personalized treatment schedule, with a mix of therapies that will be performed weekly, but also recommendations related to the food and lifestyle.

In the clinic you can discover important and complete data about your health with four powerful diagnostic devices, working on electromagnetic waves principle.

1. Check Medical Sport

It is a tool that heralds the beginning of a new era in terms of scanning methods. Using 6 electrodes attached to the body, the device records the electrical parameters of the body, from head to toe, in a simple and completely automatic process, which lasts only 8 minutes. If the results deviate from the normal graph, it is a sign that indicates a certain dysfunction. Basically, the device locates the interference fields and reveals their position in a body graph. Thus, medical professionals and therapists get an overview of the patient's health, as well as suggestions for remedying any imbalances.

Check Medical Sport is also ideal for high performance athletes. It can measure energy reserves and acid-base balance, but also other data specific to the activity of athletes, to help them reach the optimal training state. Based on this first diagnosis, additional steps for treatment can be selected and decided.

2. Global Diagnostics + Digisoft-Digicon Pro

It is considered a true "technical assistant" which supports the assessment of the health of the patient for prophylactic, but also for recovery purposes. With the help of electromagnetic waves, he tests the toxins in the body, the level of free radicals, the cellular inflammation or the state of the immune system. In just 8 minutes, as long as this scan lasts, clear information is obtained on the energy condition of over 540 organs and 13 systems in the body. Scientific, holistic, osteopathic and empirical data are processed. Based on the results, the system determines the optimal intensity of the treatment stages and offers a balanced frequency therapy. Digisoft-Digicon Pro – Digital Pharmacy in your clinic using therapy with digitized substances

For disease recovery and stabilization of the body, the factors that burden it (toxins, allergens, parasites, viruses, etc.) should also be treated or eliminated.As stress is a key factor for pathogenesis, Digisoft was developed. Using Digisoft and the associated output device DigiCon Pro, energetic substances can now be used for treatment. For the first time, DigiSoft has been able to overcome the main technical obstacles to the digitization of substances. The specially developed bioenergetics spectral recording method achieves a special quality of 1 Hz - 2000 MHz In addition, environmental and earth magnetic field influences are excluded. The output is not made as usual via a sound card (range 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz) but via the special output device DigiCon Pro with a 1000 times larger spectrum. This allows deeper body layers to be reached and it could be a more thorough and targeted toxin detoxification.

Digisoft has 1000’s of digital substance allow the body to receive good substance or eliminate negative one, for example, allergy or other toxins, it can deliver as well any homoeopathy remedy from its database. The Digisoft is a digital pharmacy with so many curing possibilities to send it to the patient via the electromagnetic waves.

3. Bioscan SWA

It is a device used both for diagnosis and monitoring the therapy process.It contains and combines information from electrical, biophysical and computer engineering. In just 90 seconds, the Bioscan SWA bio-cybernetic analysis system tests over 250 parameters presented in 31 reports. Among them: toxins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, heavy metals, immune system, amino acids, skin and collagen deficiency, osteo-articular diseases, kidney and lung function, cardiovascular & cerebral diseases, gastrointestinal functionality, hepato-biliary function. After scanning, we recommend the right superfoods and provide you with the necessary nutritional support to balance any deviations from the tested parameters.

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