Cleansing of bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogenic parasites is a service aimed at regulating the pH and alkalizing the body through the innovative equipment that Quantica720 clinic uses in its therapies.

Detoxification is not only based on the consumption of green juices, vegetables and fruits. If we focus only on nutrition, the only effect is going to be over the digestive system. These organisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses are entities in continuous movement, which grow and multiply in colonies, spread, decrease numerically and multiply again. Their natural environment is acidity. In this stage we aim to control the pH level and alkalize the body. It is known that, in a predominantly alkaline organism, the disease state cannot exist and that all the disorders appear due to a hyper acidity in the body.

Alkalization and cleaning of the body of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites is performed with frequency therapies, negative ions charged oxygen, ozone, ions, bio resonance and hydrocolono therapy and a wide range of apiphyto therapies and nutritive products.

There will be 3 therapies per session, twice a week, for 2-8 weeks.

The cost of therapies in the clinic during the first two weeks is 990 RON + TVA - SPECIAL OFFER for which you will receive more then 25% discount for 12 therapies chosen by the attending physician. 

Analyzes of specific markers in blood, urine, stool, supplements, essential nutrients, super-food powders, apifitotherapy and gemotherapy are not included in the special offer.

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