Immunomodulation is a service that involves multi-therapeutic calibration (somatic, mental and emotional) for optimal long-term functioning of the immune system.

It represents the multi therapeutic calibration (somatic, mental and emotional) in order to achieve the optimal function, on the long term, of the immune system. This stage includes bio resonance therapies, physical therapeutic movements, meditation, aromatherapy and consumption of essential nutrients. Basically, during this period everything gets re-calibrated and the general defense functions of the body are brought to normal.

There will be 3 therapies per session, twice a week, for 2-8 weeks.

The cost of therapies in the clinic during the first two weeks is 990 RON - SPECIAL OFFER for which you will receive more then 25% discount for 12 therapies chosen by the attending physician. 

Analyzes of specific markers in blood, urine, stool, supplements, essential nutrients, superfood powders, apifitotherapy and gemotherapy are not included in the special offer.

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