8 steps for optimal immune competence is a concept created by Quantica7200 clinic which involves a customized system, medical and additional therapies carried out in a certain sequence for cleaning cellular waste and alkalizing the body in order to reduce inflammation, reset cellular functions and obtain a state of modulation and, if needed, an immune system stimulation  to provide you with a high immune competence.

STEP 1. Immune competence consultation and scan

STEP 2. Cellular detoxification of blood and organs

STEP 3. Cleaning of bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogenic parasites

STEP 4. General drainage

STEP 5. Reset cellular functions

STEP 6. Immunomodulation

STEP 7. Immunostimulation

STEP 8. Cell regeneration

Price: For therapies in the clinic you can benefit from special offers with a 25% discount for 12 therapies chosen by the attending physician.

Special Offer 1 - 8 therapies with first microcurrent frequencies / 8 therapies with biofrequencies magnetic field - 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 2 - 4 spa detox therapies / 4 infrared sauna sauna / 8 Proellixe vibration therapies - 350 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 3 Ozone Therapy - 5 sessions autohememo major ozone - 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 4 Ozone Therapy - 5 rectal / vaginal / autohemo minor insufflations - 550 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Do you get sick easy and healing gets complicated? Do you have respiratory infections, repeated urinary infections, do you often get oral or genital candidiasis, herpes? Do you experience exhaustion, insomnia, weight fluctuations? These are only a few signs of a weakened immune system. Just a few! Most of the time, you get used to the fragile health without realizing that it is a problem and that your well-being should be a normal state.

The power of the immune system varies throughout life and is negatively influenced by pollution, disordered lifestyle, unhealthy eating, stress, overload, exposure to UV radiation or medication treatments. Some diseases predispose to weakened immunity or a destructive hyperactivity: diabetes, cancer, AIDS, hypertension, lupus, spleen removal, etc.

Immunity is not strengthened just like that, by a cure of vitamins taken from the pharmacy. It is a more complex process, which has the role of clearing toxins from each cell and restoring the health of all organs and systems in the body. Quantica7200 clinic has all the equipment, training and knowledge necessary to increase your body's immune competence. We do it in 8 stages, which include detoxification, body alkalizing and balancing pathogens such as: parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses, drainage, resetting and regenerating cell functions, immune stimulation and modulation, and also repeated scans that show us where we left off and how we evolved.

Therapies performed and how long everything lasts?

The therapies are individualized, personalized according to the needs of each individual body. Our physicians create a treatment scheme that combines frequency, vibration, sound, acupuncture, infrared sauna, hydrotherapy with ozone and oxygen, vacuum and bio-resonance therapies, ion therapy, hydro-colonic therapy, lymphatic drainage, massages, structured water consumption, dosed essential nutrients, also apifitotherapeutic, gemotherapeutic products. Each stage lasts between 2 and 8 weeks, therefore the entire immunization process will last for a minimum of 4 months.

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