Acne Therapy is a service dedicated to the treatment of acne, a dermatological condition that signals great imbalances in the body.

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 27 Eur (+TVA 19%)

Acne is not just a dermatological condition, not problem that is specific to teenagers. It also affects adults, often the first sign of body imbalances. We are talking about either certain hormonal disorders or an overload of toxins, a lymph clogging. The problem is handled from the inside out and the German TimeWaver Frequency McMakin technology is of great help. It stops inflammation almost instantly, supports faster cell regeneration and wound healing. It also prevents the formation of pustules, normalizes thyroid function and helps lymphatic drainage.

The McMakin Frequency System is a revolutionary device with a wide range of action. With specific currents and frequencies, this device offers over 120 automatic therapy protocols for the treatment of numerous diseases, injuries, pains and inflammations. Gets good results also in bone pain, muscles, joints, lung diseases, migraines, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, shingles, dizziness, detoxification of the body and many, many more.

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