In traditional medical practice, acupuncture was especially used as a tool to maintain health and well-being. While many types of standard medical care involve treating symptoms long after a condition or disease has been diagnosed, acupuncture can balance the body and strengthen the immune system to prevent the onset of conditions.

What is acupuncture and how can it help cancer patients?

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method that involves inserting fine needles into specific points on the body. For cancer patients, acupuncture can bring positive results in relieving pain, combating the side effects of cancer treatments and supporting post-surgical recovery.

The benefits of acupuncture in oncology

The benefits of acupuncture in oncology are varied and may include:

Managing the side effects of treatments: Acupuncture can help reduce the unpleasant side effects of oncology treatments, such as nausea, fatigue, pain and decreased appetite.

Pain reduction: By stimulating certain acupuncture points, natural endorphins can be released, helping to reduce pain associated with cancer or treatments.

Immune system support: Acupuncture can strengthen the immune system, which can be weakened during cancer treatments.

Promoting relaxation: Acupuncture sessions can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, contributing to the overall well-being of cancer patients.

Improving the quality of life: Acupuncture can contribute to improving the quality of life of patients, allowing them to feel better during treatments and post-surgical recovery.

Acupuncture therapy and its side effects

Side effects of acupuncture are generally minimal and rare, but may include minor bruising or temporary discomfort in the area where the needles are inserted. However, well-trained and qualified acupuncture practitioners work carefully to minimize these side effects and provide a safe experience for patients.

Acupuncture and post-surgical recovery

Acupuncture can also be beneficial in the post-surgical recovery process, helping to reduce pain, inflammation and healing time. Acupuncture is usually used as part of a holistic treatment plan, in conjunction with other medical therapies.

How is an acupuncture session conducted at Quantica720°?

Acupuncture is also recommended as a complement to oncological treatments. Medical qigong involves meditation, breathing and specific physical movements through which the energy meridians and energy centers are activated, the pathogenic energies from the organs and the stresses caused by the disease are eliminated. A session lasts between 30-40 minutes, with the possibility of varying depending on the individual needs of the patient and the purpose of the treatment. The acupuncture practitioner will determine the number of needles that will be inserted and the specific points that will be treated depending on the patient's condition.

About the tradition and history of acupuncture

Acupuncture has a long and rich history in Chinese tradition and can be a valuable complement to traditional oncology treatments to help patients cope with the side effects of cancer and treatments, as well as to improve quality of life.

Contraindications and precautions in the use of acupuncture

Contraindications for acupuncture include hemophilia or bleeding disorders, acute skin infections, metal allergies, severe health conditions, pregnancy or implanted electrical devices.

Our acupuncture team from Quantica720°

Our team of medical specialists is composed of well-trained and competent professionals in the field of acupuncture. With years of experience practicing this traditional Chinese therapy, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality care to our patients. Each member of our team has undergone rigorous training and is authorized to perform acupuncture procedures. We are dedicated to ensuring a safe and efficient experience for our patients, individually addressing the needs and concerns of each one. With a personalized approach, we are here to help you get the benefits of acupuncture in a safe and professional way.

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