Anti-cellulite massage is a very effective method for reducing and eliminating cellulite. There is a fast and visible result after only a few intense sessions.

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 36 Eur (+VAT 19%)

Special price offer: 207 Eur (+VAT 19%)/ 7sessions

Cellulite is a condition that affects about 85% of women over the age of 20. And, unfortunately, do not get showered with one, two. Besides sports and healthy eating, cellulite massage is the most efficient and fast non-invasive method of "melting" fat.

This type of massage is done exactly on the problem areas (buttocks, legs). It is more energetic, but without leaving a mark on your body. Its beneficial effects are due to the fact that it stimulates blood and lymph circulation, eliminates toxins and excess water from tissues.

After a few sessions, you will notice that cellulite is much improved, the skin becomes smoother, firmer and more elastic, the muscles are more toned. The massage decreases the circumference and is helpful in slimming diets.

In parallel, it is recommended to move (at home, in the open air or outdoors) at least 2-3 times a week, to walk as much as possible, to avoid sweets, pastries, fats and introduce them into your diet. as much crudities, whole grains, cold pressed oils and oily fruits.

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