Biological medicine focuses on stopping the ongoing disease process and subsequently on regenerating the affected body and systems. Compared to modern medicine, which treats the symptom as an independent entity, biological medicine has as its main objective the identification of the main cause that triggered the disease.

The most common chronic diseases treated and cured by biological medicine are: allergies, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases, chronic infections, asthma, arthritis, osteoarthritis, neurofibromyalgia, neuroboreliosis (lime disease syndrome), endocrine-metabolic diseases, infertility and even cancer.

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Biological medicine is a medicine with years of history behind it, it was used from the oldest types, perfected and perfected thousands of years ago by the greatest masters in the field, its foundation being based on physiology and body processes. to the cellular level.

In the early 1900's, Dr. GUNTHER ENDERLIN became known in Germany for his concept of pleomorphism of microorganisms and his hypothesis about the origin and treatment of cancer: ) become pathogenic by increasing the toxicity of the organism ”.

The drugs he used he called isopathic because they were made of pathogenic endobionts and necessary for humans. These drugs (remedies) are able to regress pathogenic, virulent forms into pathogenic, non-virulent forms that then leave the body through natural elimination pathways.

In other words, this treatment cures any viral condition (hepatitis B naturist treatment, hepatitis C naturist treatment, herpes naturist treatment, HIV naturist treatment, etc.), bacteriological (helicobacter pylori naturist treatment, strptococcal treatment, staphylococcal treatment, etc.) and fungal (candida naturist treatment, mycosis treatment, etc.).

SANUM-Kehlbeck obtained the exclusive rights to produce homeopathic and isopathic remedies according to Enderlin's formulas. (as our own experience proves). Homeopathic treatment addresses virtually any condition, not just cancer.

Dark field microscopy is a very simple and effective technique, well suited for uses involving living biological samples, such as a smear from a tissue culture or individual single-celled organisms.

How does it work?

Dark field microscopy has many advantages. Its dark background provides a high degree of contrast, making it easy to view on difficult backgrounds. This technique is easily accessible because many light field laboratory microscopes can be configured to illuminate the dark field. In addition to the benefits of microscopy, dark field images can even show meticulous detail.

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