Breast health therapies aim to prevent various diseases, improve skin texture and restore breast firmness using microcurrent technology.

Duration: 45-60 Min/ session

Price: 170 RON/ session (+TVA 19%)

Special price offer: 990 Ron (+TVA 19%) / 8 session

Special Offer 1 - 8 therapies with microcurrent frequencies / 8 therapies with biofrequencies magnetic field - 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 2 - 4 non-muscular bandage therapies / 4 post-traumatic kinetics / 4 elongations of the spine - 350 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 3 Ozone Therapy - 5 sessions autohememo major ozone - 990 Ron (+ VAT 19%)

Special Offer 4 Ozone Therapy - 5 rectal / vaginal / autohemo minor insufflations - 550 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 5 Ozone Therapy - 5 Rectal / Vaginal / Autohemo Minor Insufflations + 5 Subcutaneous Injections / 5 Nasal Insufflations - 990 (+ 19% VAT)

Breast health is a topic that every woman should be concerned about, but especially people at risk. We refer here to the ladies and young ladies who have frequently been exposed to the sun (or, worse, to the sun), who have suffered breasts blows or who have a poor genetic inheritance (history of breast cancer in the family). Also, you should know that as you get older, the structure of the breast changes, requiring more careful monitoring and care.

You can prevent the conditions, improve the texture of the skin and restore firmness of the breasts with the help of microcurrent technology. The McMakin TW Frequency System is a revolutionary broad-spectrum device. With specific currents and frequencies, this device offers over 120 automatic therapy protocols for the treatment of numerous diseases, injuries, pains and inflammations. It achieves good and rapid results in the treatment of fibrocystic mastosis of the breasts, but also in pain of bones, muscles, joints, lung diseases, migraines, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea, shingles, dizziness, detoxification of the body etc. In principle, if something is not working properly in the body, McMakin has a program to address this phenomena. At the skin level, the effects are sensational. It stops inflammation almost instantly and supports faster cell regeneration.

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