Cardio consultation is one of the most important aspects of identifying medical problems. It is an opportunity for patients to discuss their heart problems, understand the risks and complications, and adopt healthy lifestyles. It also helps to better understand treatment methods.

Price: 100 RON + (+ 19% VAT) - EKG

Price: 170 RON (+ 19% VAT) - EKG + TW Pulse

During the cardio consultation, the doctor will assess your medical history and perform a thorough physical examination and tests to assess your risk of developing heart disease. Early diagnosis can have a better prognosis and can minimize complications. The scan will be performed with EKG and TW Pulse.

EKG - Electrocardiogram is a painless, risk-free investigation. The only slight discomfort is at the end of the investigation, when the electrodes are removed.

Once in the doctor's office, the patient will be asked to remove the clothes that cover his chest, ankles and wrists. Adhesive medical electrodes will be placed near the exposed areas. With their help, the heart rate and the electrical activity of the heart will be recorded. The electrodes are then connected to the ECG, and the patient will need to breathe normally and sit still for a few seconds.

TW Pulse - With TW's two-channel microcurrent technology, the device transmits electromagnetic signals to the cells.

To better understand how it works, find out that health starts in the cells. Especially with a healthy intracellular membrane tension. Disruption of cell membrane tension is one of the causes for almost all acute and chronic diseases. Blood pressure can drop as you age or get sick, a process that leads to pain, inflammation and even cell death. TW is designed to counteract this process and, if necessary, even reverse it. Through the microcurrents it transmits, it restores the tension of the cell membranes according to a predetermined "code", depending on what we want to treat.

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