Integrative Dermato- Aesthetic + Anti-aging consultation, a service that addresses patients who suffer from skin inflammation, degeneration and or associative pathology and whose causes have not been identified. The consultation is performed by a dermatologist and a general practitioner with skills in aphytotherapy, homeopathy and quantum medicine.

Duration: 1h

Price: 700 RON (+TVA 19%)

Patients who experience skin inflammation, degeneration and or associative pathology which have been investigated in several medical offices, but have not yet identified the cause of the disease, they can find an answer to their problem simpler and faster than expected. At Quantica7200 clinic, with the help of modern German equipment, in just a few minutes, the body is scanned from head to toe, at the cellular level. Thus, we identify with 100% accuracy everything that does not work properly at the systems and organs level.

Yes, many times, classical medicine does not, through the classical means of investigation, offer you an answer. You would visit many medical offices of different specialties to find the source of the imbalance. And sometimes there is still no answer to your problem. Our body is complex and often the causes are interconnected. It is well known that there is an influence of all the devices (digestive, nervous, pulmonary) on the muscles. In our clinic, doctors and therapists, assisted by the latest technology, evaluate the body as a whole, identify the problem and then treat the imbalance.

The integrative dermatological consultation involves a scan with Global Diagnosis, a device considered a true "technical assistant" that supports the assessment of the patient's health for prophylactic purposes, but also for recovery. With the help of electromagnetic waves, he tests for toxins in the body, free radical levels, cellular inflammation or the condition of the immune system. In just 8 minutes, during this scan, clear information is obtained on the energy condition of over 540 organs and 13 systems in the body. Scientific, holistic, osteopathic and empirical data are processed. Based on the results, the system establishes the optimal intensity of the treatment stages and offers a balanced therapy with frequencies.

To complete the general picture of your state of health, also in this first consultation the specialist will use the Pharmanex Biophotonic Scanner. The working principle of this revolutionary device is Raman spectroscopy, an invention in physics that won the Nobel Prize. Specifically, you put your hand next to the laser light, it penetrates the skin and begins to excite the antioxidant molecules in the tissue. They will emit photons with a certain intensity which will then be detected by the device. Raman spectroscopy allows a quick, accurate and safe assessment of skin carotenoids (beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxanthin - important antioxidants). Clinical research shows that the level of carotenoids in the skin correlates with the levels in the diet and blood, in other words, the analysis is sufficient and relevant to the situation of the whole body.

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