The body of children is in formation, the systems and organs of their body are not yet mature, so pediatric physiotherapy is slightly different from that intended for adults and is based on the observance of several principles. The frequencies used, ultrasound, magnetic waves are chosen and measured by the specialist doctor, depending on the age and the particularities of the child.

Duration: 30-50 min

Session price: 170 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Package price - 8 sessions: 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 1 - 8 therapies with microcurrent frequencies / 8 therapies with biofrequencies magnetic field - 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 2 - 4 hyperpolarized light therapies / 4 detox spa / 4 chi machine - 350 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 3 Ozone Therapy - 5 rectal / vaginal / autohemo minor insufflations - 550 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 4 Ozone Therapy - 5 rectal / vaginal / minor autoimmune breaths + 5 subcutaneous injections / 5 nasal breaths - 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

What are we treating?

With the help of specific frequency physiotherapy we can treat all types of pain and inflammation, allergies, sunburn, wounds and skin conditions, as well as asthma, diseases of the bronchi, stomach and intestines. Children who do intensive sports can come to recover after the effort, those who catch a cold often need to strengthen their immunity. All of these problems can be solved at Quantica720 ° with the help of a revolutionary, wide-range device called Frequency McMakin from TW.

Through specific currents and frequencies, this device offers over 120 automatic therapy protocols for the treatment of many diseases, injuries, pain and inflammation. Get good and fast results in bone, muscle, joint pain, lung disease, migraines, dizziness, body detoxification and much, much more. Basically, if there's something wrong with your body, McMakin has a hack program. Stops inflammation almost instantly, supports faster cell regeneration and wound healing.

It is an easy therapy to give to children, because there is no discomfort. It only involves lying on a bed for 25 to 50 minutes. The only "danger" is boredom, but it's nothing, with a nice card in hand I solved this problem. The results can be seen after a few sessions.

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