Price per session: 130 RON (+VAT 19%)

Duration: 30 min

Pediatrics is the medical specialty which deals with the health and normal development of the child between 0 and 16 years.

Does your child have a health problem that you have not been able to identify the cause of, especially since the little one does not know what to say to him or her? Or do you want to make them simpler, faster, but more thorough a complete set of routine analyzes? 

Our doctors analyze the results and with them will direct you to the coordinating pediatrician of the clinic. If necessary, you can complete the investigations with blood tests and ultrasounds. The treatment can also be integrative. In parallel with the medication (if applicable), you can return to Quantica7200 for bioresonance therapy. Healing means restoring electromagnetic balance and regulating the body back on the right channels.

Bio resonance is based on the idea that any form of matter, including the human body, emits energy. When they are sick, the cells emit another type of energy. The device collects the bio energetic signal of the body and thus detects the disease. At the same time, it can correct it by sending a reversed signal into the body and supplementary it can act with api phytotherapy, gemmotherapy, homeopathy or nosode type to speed up the recovery. 

For children we can do a bio-resonance in magnetic field therapy. It is simple, painless and it takes only 2-10 minutes while the child stays on a magnetic field mattress. Bio-resonance means to penetrate the body with a magnetic field low frequencies waves which acts inside the cell, up to the DNA level. With the help of these waves we can scan and treat any acute, sub acute or chronic suffering, from respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive up to bones or nervous level.

With the help of the German medical technology, MedSelect combines tried and tested, successful systems information therapy processes with technological innovations from the Wegamed company. The biological effect of the device is backed by insights from the fields of physiology and biochemistry, as from research into stress and the metabolic system.

First of all, the patient’s internal vibration signal is temporarily stored in the device. The new internal frequency store (IF) represents the unique heart of Med Select. The integrated Vega-Duplex storage technology (VDS) and accompanying VDS libraries provide access to over 2500 ampoules or biological frequency signals. These low-frequency resonance vibrations correspond to the fundamental frequencies of organs and cells. This is the way that the actual clearing signal is transmitted to organs and cells.

The purity and natural intensity of the vibration signal is guaranteed by the principle of vibration recording via two electrodes. Used for 15 years, it has found experimental confirmation at the Institute for Biophysics under Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig in Horb. The recording of vibrations, as the therapy itself, is bipolar. This is especially necessary for the transmission of clearing signals via magnetic fields in order to create dynamic magnetic fields on the storage medium.

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