Do you have an extremely low level of calcium in your body? You can solve the problem quickly by administering it intravenously. The procedure is done in the doctor's office, after a consultation and a set of blood tests.

Price: 50 RON (+ 19% TVA), Calcium gluconolactate 95 mg (2 ampoules)

Special offer 1: 16% DISCOUNT for a package of 5 IV / IM therapies

Special offer 2: 25% DISCOUNT for 5 vitamins / minerals in one administration

Hypocalcemia can have several causes: kidney, thyroid disorders, vitamin D or magnesium deficiency, or treatment with certain medications. Symptoms of calcium deficiency are vague at first and are manifested by frequent muscle cramps, dry skin, rough hair, brittle nails. If calcium deficiency progresses, tingling in the fingers, lips, tongue, muscle pain or spasms, abnormal heart rhythm may occur.

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