The consultation, standard scan and medical recovery are addressed to patients and athletes who have various pains and complex pathologies, the cause of which has not been identified. Thus, in just a few minutes, everything that does not work properly at the level of systems and organs is identified with 100% accuracy.

Duration: 1h 30'

Price: 800 RON (+VAT 19%)

Patients and athletes who experience different types of pain and complex pathologies, have been investigated in several medical offices, but have not yet identified the cause of the disease, they can find an answer to their problem simpler and faster than expected. At Quantica7200, with the help of modern German equipment, in just a few minutes, the body is scanned from head to toe, on a cellular level. Thus, we identify with 100% accuracy everything that does not work properly at the systems and organs level.

Yes, many times, classical medicine does not, through the classical means of investigation, offer you an answer. You would visit many medical offices of different specialties to find the source of the imbalance. And sometimes there is still no answer to your problem. Our body is complex and often the causes are interconnected. It is well known that there is an influence of all the devices (digestive, nervous, pulmonary) on the muscles. In our clinic, doctors and therapists, assisted by the latest technology, evaluate the body as a whole, identify the problem and then treat the imbalance.

This session includes a consultation with a medical specialist in medical recovery and sports trauma recovery, a scan and two therapy sessions, depending on the patient's needs.

The scan is performed with Check Medical Sport, a tool that announces the beginning of a new era in terms of scanning methods. Using 6 electrodes attached to the body, the device records the electrical parameters of the body, from head to toe, in a simple and completely automatic process, which lasts only 8 minutes. If the results deviate from the normal graph, it is a sign that indicates a certain dysfunction. Basically, the device locates the interference fields and reveals their position in a body graph. Thus, doctors get an overview of the patient's health, as well as suggestions for remedying any imbalances.

Check Medical Sport is ideal for people who play sports. It can measure energy reserves and acid-base balance, but also other data specific to the activity of athletes, to help them reach the optimal training state. Based on this first diagnosis, additional steps for treatment can be selected and decided.

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