Ovarian cyst therapy uses frequency technology that is non-invasive, with no side effects, and can reduce both the size of the cyst and the discomfort caused by it.

Duration: 45-60 Min/ session

Price: 170 RON/ session (+TVA 19%)

Special price offer: 990 Ron (+TVA 19%) / 8 session

Special Offer 1 - 8 therapies with microcurrent frequencies / 8 therapies with biofrequencies magnetic field - 990 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 2 - 4 non-muscular bandage therapies / 4 post-traumatic kinetics / 4 elongations of the spine - 350 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 3 Ozone Therapy - 5 sessions autohememo major ozone - 990 Ron (+ VAT 19%)

Special Offer 4 Ozone Therapy - 5 rectal / vaginal / autohemo minor insufflations - 550 RON (+ 19% VAT)

Special Offer 5 Ozone Therapy - 5 Rectal / Vaginal / Autohemo Minor Insufflations + 5 Subcutaneous Injections / 5 Nasal Insufflations - 990 (+ 19% VAT)

Ovarian cysts are formations resembling a round sac filled with clear fluid, which develops in the ovary as part of the normal egg production process. They have different sizes and variable evolution. Most often, it is remitted within a few months. They are harmless and do not give symptoms. But if these cysts increase too much in volume, the chances of getting problems also increase. Symptoms that I give include: frequent urination, changes in the menstrual cycle, hair loss, weight gain, but also bleeding (when the cyst breaks), abdominal pain or in the pelvic area, abdominal discomfort.

The good news is that we at Quantica7200 are specialists in pain therapy. We have the best equipment and experienced therapists who can treat a wide spectrum of conditions, including those in this area. Frequency technology is non-invasive, with no adverse effects, and can reduce both the size of the cyst and the discomfort it causes. In order to perform this, we use TW Frequency McMakin, a revolutionary, broad-spectrum device whose effects have been researched and validated by thousands of people over the past 25 years. And it never disappointed. During therapy, micro-currents are sent into the body through two channels: one acts on chronic inflammation responsible for pain, another on the cause that caused the inflammation. Thus, both pain and its cause are treated, restoring cellular balance as a whole.

Moreover, through specific currents and frequencies, TW Frequency McMakin offers over 120 automatic therapy protocols for the treatment of numerous diseases, injuries, pains and inflammations. Get good and fast results in bones, muscle, joint pain, lung disease, migraine, endometriosis, shingles, dizziness, body detoxification and many, many more. In principle, if something is not working properly in the body, McMakin has a program to address the problem. It stops inflammation almost instantly, supports faster cell regeneration and wound healing.

In case of ovarian cysts, the therapist may recommend, in parallel with this protocol, other existing therapy methods in the clinic.

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