Oxygenation of the inner skin is a service that uses OxyGeneo technology that brings a revolutionary concept in dermatological medicine in Romania, a concept that takes into account the natural mechanism of our body to oxygenate the inner skin.

Price: 80 Eur (+VAT 19%)  / session

OxyGeneo technology uses the same treatment principle as that of hot springs and brings the healing and nourishing healing power of nature. During the treatment, a reaction is triggered in the body that directs oxygen to the treated area, thus allowing optimal absorption of the regenerating nutrients. The benefits of hot spring water treatments are especially prized for their high concentration of carbon dioxide that helps stimulate the skin's oxygen.

OxyGeneo cleans and exfoliates the outer and worn skin layer. The dual effect of skin oxygenation and exfoliation work together to re-energize, restore the shine and at the same time create a nourished, healthy and vibrant skin.

The treatment used by Geneo Technology includes two phases, which take place in the same session. Initially it is applied a gel rich in nutrients and a mineral capsule, specially designed with abravizing properties, but delicate with the skin will generate an easy exfoliation process. During this procedure, the mineral elements in the capsule dissolve in the gel, forming carbon dioxide, which in turn will penetrate the skin. This process has the effect of reflex stimulation of the capillary circulation, which brings more oxygen to the skin.

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