Metabolism stimulation through vibrations is a service that uses the Proellixe device, a technology with oscillatory vibrations that stimulates fat metabolism - lipolysis - through the action of epinephrine. The oscillatory vibrations that activate the involuntary contraction of the musculature represent the latest innovation in the field of weight loss, body remodeling, muscle toning, cellulite treatment and lymphatic drainage.

Standard price: 17 Eur (TVA 19%) / 2 sessions

Cellulite massage is one of the most used programs of this theology. This program comes with benefits such as muscle toning, body remodeling, increasing peripheral micro circulation, etc.

This technology is created with special programs for cellulite massage and in sessions of only 10 minutes, several times a week, Proellixe helps to obtain a harmonious and toned body.

The fastest benefit of Proellixe treatment, which appears at the end of the 10 minutes of oscillatory vibration training is the strong activation of micro circulation. The technology of this device combats cellulite by dislocating the deposits of subcutaneous fat and mobilizing adipose tissue.

As a result of the opening of the capillaries at the level of the dermis, the skin will gain a healthy and firm appearance, full of vitality.

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