The fight against cancer should never be fought alone. He goes to the team: on the one hand, the doctors act with the specific treatment of the disease (chemotherapy, radiotherapy), and on the other hand, the patient must have the support of the family, to support him emotionally, to raise his morale. When loved ones fail, it is absolutely necessary to seek specialized help. Depressive disorders occur frequently in cancer patients and require the intervention of a psychotherapist.

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Depression, dangerous for the cancer patient

For many, cancer equals a death sentence. Once diagnosed, a desperate and exhausting struggle for survival begins. Few people realize how important emotional health is and what an enormous impact the psyche can have in this confrontation. In addition to the physical suffering that the cancer patient endures, during the treatment, fear, stress, depression can further weaken the body that needs, more than ever, to fight the disease. High morale helps a lot. It contributes to the control of negative feelings in each of the phases it goes through: denial, anger, depression, negotiation and acceptance. In the denial phase, optimism helps him accept the diagnosis. In the phase of anger, it strengthens his desire to live. In the depression phase, it helps to overcome mental fatigue, and at the end of the treatment, in the remission phase, it helps the patient to overcome the doubts about the effectiveness of the treatment.

How psychotherapy helps

Psychotherapy sessions should be conducted in parallel with cancer treatment. They "heal" emotionally, lift morale, give strength, maintain hope for the sick, and even improve the response to cancer treatment. From case to case, the sessions are focused on compassion, support, or control of acute pain and stress caused by chemotherapy. Various methods are used, from relaxation techniques, meditation, discussions, writing therapy, to hypnosis.

Family members should also be involved in therapy sessions both to know how to treat the cancer patient at home and because they themselves may need support. Cancer is a disease that grinds the patient, erodes relationships, sows a lot of pain in the souls of others and changes lives. But, through a joint effort, we can all get through this ordeal. The psychotherapist will be with you throughout this process.

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