Qualitative blood analysis is that laboratory examination that qualitatively evaluates the figurative elements (cells) of the blood, while microscopy in the dark field is a very simple and efficient technique, well adapted for uses involving living biological samples, such as a smear. from a tissue culture or single-celled individual organisms.

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Qualitative blood analysis provides information about the number of all types of blood cells, as well as their size, shape and other physical characteristics. It is one of the tests usually recommended for the general evaluation of the state of health, through which certain dysfunctions can be detected, such as anemias, infections or various other diseases.

How does dark field microscopy work?

Dark field microscopy has many advantages. Its dark background provides a high degree of contrast, making it easy to view on difficult backgrounds. This technique is easily accessible because many light field laboratory microscopes can be configured to illuminate the dark field. In addition to the benefits of microscopy, dark field images can even show meticulous detail.

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