Reducing mental stress therapy is a medical service with frequencies which act on certain centers, depending on the treated disorder.

Duration: 60 min.

Price: 27 Eur (+VAT 19%)

Special Offer Price: 205 EUR (+ TVA 19%)/ 10 sessions

Stress is 21st century's disease. It does not hurt, it is not visible on the outside, but it wreaks havoc on the inside. It weakens the immune system, affects the heart, liver, nervous system, the digestive system, gives insomnia, headaches and even triggers serious autoimmune diseases. It is associated with anxiety, irritability, depression, chronic fatigue, all of which are true "poisons" for modern human life. Some are extremely dangerous. The "antidote", unfortunately, does not consist of a magic pill that you can buy from the pharmacy. It takes finesse, strategy and skill to fight these unseen enemies. 

Our experienced psychologists and psychotherapists, assisted by the latest equipment, offer you specialized help to regain your physical and emotional balance.

If you are a restless, emotional person, you get stressed out easily and you notice that small things, seemingly of no importance, create a state of irritability, then frequent therapy will be very helpful. For an hour, lying comfortably on a bed, you will be connected, by means of electrodes, to a device with electromagnetic waves. It uses a specific frequency cocktail that acts on certain specific centers of the disorder that we want to treat. There is no pain or discomfort. You will only feel some slight tingling, depending on the intensity of the current, and an incredible state of well-being and relaxation. 4-8 sessions are required, 1-2 times a week.

Lifestyle recommendations

In order for the therapy to be amplified, it is necessary to "work" with you and outside the doctor's office. Do sports, preferably outdoors! During movement, blood circulation improves, and the body's cells, implicitly those in the brain, are better oxygenated. Take a walk through nature, sit in the sun, breathe fresh air, surround yourself with positive and loving people, give yourself little joys, focus on the things you enjoy, and in the evening, before bedtime, count your joys, not your troubles. All of these will help you to smile more and enjoy life fully.

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