A toxicology screening is a test that determines the approximate amount and type of harmful substance in roganism. Laboratory medical tests complement this service and are a set of procedures, more or less complex, which provide information on our conditions, health.

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Toxicology screening

Toxicological screening can be done fairly quickly. The test is mostly used a urine or blood sample. In some cases, a saliva or hair sample may be used. The results may show the presence of a particular drug or a variety of drugs simultaneously. Additional tests may be needed to determine the exact amount of a particular medicine in the body and for confirmation. All types of samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.

The results of a toxicological screening are usually positive or negative. A positive test result means that one or more drugs, viruses, bacteria or heavy metals are present in the body. Once your doctor identifies their presence by screening, a more specific test can be done that can show the exact amount in the body. Analyzes performed by patients in other laboratories can also be used.

Laboratory tests

The Quantica720 ° Clinic in partnership with MedLife offers you a complete set of laboratory tests. Blood tests are a great way for both the doctor and the patient to assess the health of the body or the evolution of a pathological condition because the composition of the blood reflects the state of health.

And, patients who need recent laboratory tests, can also do them in our clinic, which provides this service in partnership with Medlife. TR-PCR tests, antibody tests, urine and blood tests can also be performed, all at the price listed by Medlife. The advantages of harvesting in our clinic are both time saving and speed: most laboratory tests are ready in a maximum of 24 hours.

In interpreting blood tests, the doctor takes into account two aspects: the relationship to normal values ​​of statistical stability and the existing context. Therefore, depending on the age, sex and health history of the patient, the conclusions may be different.

In blood tests, there are 2 categories: routine or routine tests that must be performed each year and investigative tests, on request if there are symptoms to detect certain conditions in time.

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